The Primary Purpose of Education: Critical Thinking versus Knowledge

Science Insights Education, 24 July 2016
Volume 2016
Doi: 10.15354/sie.16.ar001
The Primary Purpose of Education: Critical Thinking versus Knowledge
Peiling Jiang, MEd;* Yan Su, MEd *,∆
Author Affiliations
            *: China Center of Education (CCE), The BASE, Beijing 102200, China
            ∆: Correspondence to: Dr. Yan Su, MEd, Email:  
Sci Insigt Edu. 2016; 2016:e00033. Doi: 10.15354/sie.16.ar001



Education is the source of enlightenment of mind of an individual and primary education is the first step of education process. Education is thing that makes man civilized and sophisticated. Primary education is the basics of study that make the foundation of concepts which reside in mind of an individual. Whatever person read in primary education helps him in getting further concepts and knowledge. Knowledge means getting from facts, education, information, obser-vations and experience, what a person learns from this. Critical thinking means evaluating, analyzing, conceptualizing the concepts what you get from knowledge. So both knowledge and critical thinking are important and comple-ment of each other’s. In primary education one must have focus to get learning as much as he can additionally utilizing his critical thinking ability analyze and assess whether what he getting is true or false. So critical thinking must be pro-moted in primary education as it helps one to use more its mind and judge things according to his critical thinking. As primary education makes a significant impact on mind of an individual so the introduction of critical thinking at early stage of education have significant impact on personality and minds of people. From one thing one can explore more by using their intellectual skills and brainstorming by them. So at primary education level knowledge with critical thinking is an essen-tial part of education.■

Keywords: Education; Primary Goal; Knowledge; Thinking; Future