Education Success: Is Dropout A Raider?

Science Insights Education, 10 February 2017
Volume 2017
Doi: 10.15354/sie.17.vi002
Education Success: Is Dropout A Raider?
Samuel Berkley MEd *; Sailor J. Mullen, EdD*,∆
Author Affiliations
 *: Modern Education Research Centre, College of Education, University of South Australia, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia
 ∆: Correspondence to: Dr. Sailor J. Mullen, EdD, Email:  
Sci Insigt Edu. 2017; 2017:e00003. Doi: 10.15354/sie.17.vi002



“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”, Mark Twain once said. It is really true for many people. They dropped out of their educational institutes and casted impact throughout the globe. IT giants like Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg and many others proved their productivity becoming billionaires. Their valor to become successful overcame the humiliation of being a dropout. Only the success stories get published. No one values enormous failure stories. Dropping college can only be a wise decision if you are an exceptionally wise and smart person. For a normal person, it’s better to earn a degree. Never lose college just for the fun of exploring world. Talk to yourself, know your desires and passions well, be persistent and take calculated risks. Do proper planning and then finally decide to leave formal education. Doing the things you love is always better than struggling to work against one’s own will. In the modern times, degree is not a ticket to a high profiled job. If you are spending time in college learning almost nothing, then it’s time to think out of box. What is better for one may not be good for you. So consult yourself instead of others to take a life-turning decision.

Keywords: Education Success; Professionalism; Dropout; Schooling; Intelligence


Samuel Berkley MEd; Sailor J. Mullen, EdD